Most people, when considering investing on property, would go about the process using the traditional ‘buy-and-hold’ strategy, where they purchase a house and wait for the perfect time to put it out on the market again. “Now this might work for people who are okay with waiting around and who have those extra dollars to pay for maintenance costs and other costs associated with owning the house,” Otton said.


What these people don’t know is that there is actually a whole other different ways of investing on property – ones that ensure no costs for maintenance and positive cash flow from day one.

To eliminate these additional costs when investing on property, Rick Otton, dared to change the systems. “I have created a better system – a system that automatically solves problems, instead of one that automatically creates them,” Otton said.

Otton’s system is all about creating methods and processes that benefit the other person first. “If you’re able to solve people’s problems – getting away from the mortgage debt; insufficient money for deposit; unable to get bank approved – and generate profit for yourself without putting money into the transaction, now that’s a win-win situation!” added Otton.

Why Negative Gearing is Stupid?

“Obviously, the answer to that is because it gets very costly over time. You keep on losing money and by the time you think you’ll get everything back in return, only half of it will come back to you and you’re still not sure of that,” explained Otton.

This is why Otton has never considered negative gearing when investing on property. He uses only his creative property investment strategies. And since 2001, Otton has continually shared his revolutionary techniques and breakthrough strategies to lots of homebuyers, home sellers, and property investors.

“We’ve been doing Rick Otton’s strategies for the last 12 months, we’ve done nine transactions. Recently, we had a seller who was a burnt-out landlord who wanted to get away from his investment property. We had an investor who was a single mum with four kids and she had never invested before so we put the transaction together and made $11,000 in five hours,” explained by B Clarke and K Mikina, Otton’s students.

Otton will be teaching Perth property investors how to take advantage of the positive market in the city and how they could start earning from day one. Get more details for the event at

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